It's been a busy one...

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It's been a busy one...

It's been a busy year, and I thought I would take the opportunity to update my site with a few new projects, and reflect back on some of the stuff I've been up to.

Its always great to work on projects with brands in a sector that you have an interest in, personally, I always love working with independent and innovative startups, who are passionate, and want to stand out, and do something different.

It's so easy to do something similar to everyone else these days, as so many sectors are so overly saturated, and so many brands out there are doing a similar thing, so It's always very refreshing when you come across a certain brand who want to stand out, and disrupt that particular sector.

I have been collaborating on branding projects, for a number of startups this year, in an industry, that is really thriving at the moment, the food and drink industry...

From nano craft breweries to innovative health food brands. It really is an exciting time for the industry, and I have been lucky enough to work with a handful of these type of brands this year, who all share the same passion and vision.

I've been working with a new Indian streetfood/craft beer brand, an exciting new hemp herbal tea brand, and most recently, a new Leeds based craft brewery, just to name a few.

Another exciting industry is the tech industry. It seems startups, go from strength to strength each year, with numerous innovative brands popping up all the time, and I've had the opportunity to work with quite a few of these companies
this year. 

It has been a great year, and it has been a real pleasure to collaborate with some really nice people, on some pretty
cool projects...

Keep your eyes peeled, as I will be updating my site with some of these new projects in the new Year.

Have a good one!